Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where Did The Money Go?

- Well, Hazelton is my home. Always was, always will be. But due to a lacking economy, it effects everyone around. I'm well aware there's little to do in a small town most of the time. This, combined with a large depression has found many youth turning to drugs and alcohol and even suicides. I believe they would be less inclined to do so if there were more things to do in our sleepy town. What I plan to do with the money is support organizations, teams and groups that are aimed at the youth, that keep them active, and provide welcoming, healthy environments that they can have fun in, and even sometimes learn something! Examples of such groups are:

- I donated $1200 to the Hazelton Secondary school.

$500.00 was put towards a Katimavik incentive bursary. This is meant to encourage youth graduates to persue the Katimavik program. I feel strongly that it is a wonderful program that teaches you so much in many fields, from second language, to travel experience, interacting with groups and volunteering. On top of the $1000.00 that participants receive after finishing the Katimavik program, I will reward Hazelton participants who finish an extra $100.

$300.00 was put towards a Canada World Youth fundraising aid. As per required for Canada World Youth participants upon acceptance into the program, they must fundraise $2100. $100.00 aids will be given to chosen participants fundraising for their goal.

$400.00 was put towards the Staff Award at Hazelton Secondary, an award given outstanding students who participate in every aspect of school, including sports, extracurricular activities, leadership teams and their own academic achievements. $100.00 will be given to a junior and senior recipient, for two years.

- I donated $500 to the Hazelton Bike and Skate park. Encouraging an active lifestyle is important these days with internet taking much of youths time. I want to help the group that has been fundraising and been so dedicated to their cause for years.

- I donated $500 to the Learning Shop/Story Tellers, a community development center. They have a strong theme with food, promoting healthy lifestyles in many groups and organizations including the Good Food Box. This money will go towards a kitchen extension on the building, which will be utilised for food-related workshops and activities, many that are situated at the Learning Shop location.

- I donated $300 to Starting Smart, an organization that teaches new mothers and families how to cook healthy meals for themselves and their new children.

- I donated $300 to HATS, Hazelton Area Theatrical Society. Having been apart of this acting troupe, I know how often we used the same old clothes for many plays, having limited access or availablity to authentic costumes. This money will be put towards that, and to a lesser extent, props and sets.

I'm still planning on using the remaining money (don't worry, I counted) I will see how the money given already is used and decide where the remaining amount later.

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